The Village

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As our appetite for video increases, so does our video library.  While the majority of our content is from select listings, we look forward to expanding our area videos.  Some areas are well known while others not so much.  More importantly, we want to present an optic that reflects what we think makes each area special to the buyers and sellers we interact with.

Introducing Rolando Village.  Known for it’s tree lined streets, annual festivals and halloween parade, Rolando Village is one of San Diego’s fastest growing neighborhoods.  Founded in the 1930’s, Rolando is a mix of Spanish, Pre War cottages and mid century homes centrally located next to San Diego State, easy freeway access and minutes to the beach. A push on the business development side has some of San Diego’s best known restaurants and shopping supporting the area with the additional inclusion of a newly opened Trader Joe’s.  It’s no question why young professionals and families continue to flock to the area.